Headwaters of the Assiniboine

Town of Preeceville

Following are the members of council, and the members of the various boards and committees, elected to four-year terms in 2016. The next municipal elections will be held in October of 2020.


  • Garth Harris


  • Mark Bourassa 
  • Darin Newton 
  • Chris Balyski 
  • Stacey Strykowski
  • Welma Bartel
  • Sheldon Luciw

Committees of Council:
The first person named is the Committee Chairperson.

  • Finance Committee: Welma Bartel, Stacey Strykowski
  • Protective Committee: Mark Bourassa, Sheldon Luciw, Welma Bartel
  • Public Works Committee: Garth Harris, Darin Newton, Mark Bourassa
  • Streets Committee: Sheldon Luciw, Darin Newton
  • Human Resources Committee: Welma Bartel, Darin Newton, Mark Bourassa
  • Buildings Committee: Sheldon Luciw, Stacey Strykowski, Garth Harris
  • Nuisance Committee: Stacey Strykowski, Welma Bartel, Mark Bourassa
  • Policies & Bylaws Committee: Darin Newton, Welma Bartel
  • Waste Management Committee: Garth Harris, Darin Newton, Stacey Strykowski


  • Ability Bus: Mark Bourassa, Laurie Galiz, Sheldon Neson
  • Arena: Sheldon Luciw
  • Economic Development/Tourism: Garth Harris, Mark Bourassa
  • Parkland Regional Library: Mark Bourassa, Welma Bartel
  • Roughrider Snowmobile Club: Garth Harris
  • Sports Grounds: Sheldon Luciw, Stacey Strykowski
  • Mutual Aid Area/Emergency Measures Organization: Darin Newton, Sheldon Luciw
  • Recreation Board: Mark Bourassa, Welma Bartel
  • North East Area Transportation Planning Committee: Sheldon Luciw, Darin Newton
  • Parkland Regional Waste Authority: Garth Harris, Stacey Strykowski
  • Preeceville Community Legion Hall Committee - Stacey Strykowski, Darin Newton
  • Preeceville School Gymnasium Committee - Darin Newton, Garth Harris, Sheldon Luciw
  • Preeceville Library Board: Welma Bartel, Mark Bourassa
  • Preeceville School Community Council: Stacey Strykowski
  • Chamber of Commerce: Darin Newton, Welma Bartel
  • Doctor Incentive Committee: Mark Bourassa, Stacey Strykowski
  • Hospital Fundraising: all Council members
  • Assiniboine Watershed Stewardship Association - Garth Harris
  • O H & S Committee : Sheldon Luciw, Stacey Strykowski
  • Preeceville & District Health Focus Committee – Stacey Strykowski, Mark Bourassa
  • Planning & Development Act Appeals Board - Dale Appel, Wayne Cantelo, Wayne Jensen

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