Headwaters of the Assiniboine

Town of Preeceville

Preeceville Bike and Skate Park

The Preeceville Bike and Skate Park Committee is pleased to announce construction of the Park is scheduled for August 2022.

Over the past five years the Preeceville Bike and Skate Park Committee, a sub-committee of the Preeceville Recreation Board, have completed fundraising efforts to construct a Bike and Skate Park. 

The committee has also been applying for grant funding and were recently notified that their application to the Canada Community Revitalization Fund was successful.  On June 7th, 2022 the Government of Canada announced that over $1.2 million will be invested to support community renewal and recreation across East-Central Saskatchewan. The Preeceville Bike and Skate Park Project was selected as one of seven projects in Saskatchewan that the government will be supporting. The Canada Community Revitalization Fund will contribute 74% of the Bike and Skate Park’s construction costs to a maximum of $139,000.00.

With this grant funding and the fundraising completed by the Committee the project construction has been approved to proceed this summer. The Committee has raised approximately $73,000.00 for the project so far and will be continuing fundraising efforts to see the project to completion. The total estimated cost is $235,000.00.

The Bike & Skate Park will be a multi-use facility approximately 3,950 square feet in size, located in the Preeceville Lions Park. It will offer a comprehensive range of ramps, embankments, rails, platforms and circuits to appeal to wheeled athletes of any age or skill level. The park will be constructed to accommodate Skateboards, Bikes, Scooters, and Roller Blades.  

The Committee has been working with Drop In Skateparks to design and construct the Bike and Skate Park. This company has done similar projects throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The Committee’s major fundraising project over the past few years has been the Crop Fundraising Project located just west of Preeceville on land donated by Hoterra Farms Ltd. Numerous community businesses and local farmers have graciously assisted the committee with donations and contributions to the Crop Fundraising Project. Without these efforts and other donations, the project would not be attainable.

“We are very excited to see this new recreation opportunity being brought to our community and are very grateful for the support of our community throughout this project” Darin Newton, Chairperson, Preeceville Bike and Skate Park Committee.