Annual Waterworks Information 

The following is information on the Town of Preeceville’s waterworks and sewer works, as required under The Municipalities Regulations.
2017 Waterworks Financial Overview:
Total 2017 waterworks and sewage works revenues: $552,549
Total 2017 waterworks and sewage works expenditures: $232,671
Total debt payments on waterworks and sewage works infrastructure loans: $0
Comparison of waterworks and sewage works revenues to expenditures plus debt payments, expressed as a ratio:              ($552,549)/($232,671 + 0) = 2.37

The following additional information is available at the municipal office on the waterworks and sewage works:

  • Bylaw No. 6-2016 the Waterworks Rate Policy
  • The Capital investment strategy
  • 2017 Financial Overview of the waterworks and sewage works
  • Waterworks and Sewage works Reserves
  • A copy of the 2016 Waterworks Assessment
  • Capital plans for infrastructure projects and sources of funding for projects

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