Headwaters of the Assiniboine

Town of Preeceville

Summer is here!

The nature trails have been groomed and the interpretive signs have been updated for your enjoyment.

Once spring starts to return and the geese and other migratory birds start to return why not head out to the trails and see how many different birds and animals you can identify.  Don't forget to click on the links at right and download the brochures to take with you on your excursion.

Enjoy an afternoon of bird watching on Preeceville's nature trail, just north of Annie Laurie Lake. There you will be able to view a variety of unique birds, plants and beautiful butterflies. There is other wildlife to enjoy as well, such as deer, beavers, coyotes, and much more.

Our trail is located east of Annie Laurie Lake beach, which has washroom facilities.
At Annie Laurie Lake you can go swimming, canoeing, or boating. Just south of the beach and nature trail is the Wildlife Federation Campgrounds. Here we have electrical sites where you will be able to spend the night in a tent or camper, cook food over the open fire pits and have a great time!

While on the trail keep a look out for the beaver lodge. There is a trail that leads up to the lake from there you can view birds on the lake. Along the trail there are many bushes and trees, and an assortment of wild flowers, fungi, and mosses.

Owls, killdeer, and loons are just some of the different kinds of birds you can expect to see along your walk on our trail.

Funding to develop this trail was provided by Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association/Green Team, Saskatchewan Lotteries and the Town of Preeceville. Kelsey Ecological Society was a valuable information resource.

Some simple rules to follow while on the trail:

  • Be respectful of others on the trail. 
  • Help keep our trail nice and clean for you and others. Don't litter; instead throw your litter in the garbage. 
  • Do not touch or harm the wildlife in any way. This may scare away birds and other animals that other people would enjoy. 
  • Stay on the trail. 
  • Be moderately quiet on the trail and you will enjoy the wildlife!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact the town office.

nature trail