Headwaters of the Assiniboine

town council

Town of Preeceville

Following are the members of council, and the members of the various boards and committees, elected to four-year terms in 2020.


  • Ralph Ager


  • Florian Balawyder 
  • Sheldon Luciw
  • Jesse Nelson
  • Kenton Hull
  • Meaghan Nelson
  • Taylor Sliva

Town of Preeceville Council Board and Committee Appointments:


Finance                                        Ralph Ager
Protective                                    Sheldon Luciw 
Public Works                                Ralp Ager, Jesse Nelson
Streets                                         Sheldon Luciw, Florian Balawyder, Jesse Nelson
Human Resources                        Ralph Ager
Buildings                                      Sheldon Luciw, Florian Balawyder
Nuisance                                      Ralph Ager, Jesse Nelson
Policies & Bylaws                         Ralph Ager
Waste Management                    Sheldon Luciw, Florian Balawyder, Jesse Nelson
Occupational Health & Safety      Sheldon Luciw, Florian Balawyder

Town Formed Boards:

Ability Bus                                   
Arena                                          Jesse Nelson, Sheldon Luciw
Economic Dev/Tourism               Florian Balawyder, Ralph Ager, Jesse Nelson
Sports Grounds                           Sheldon Luciw, Jesse Nelson
Recreation                                  Florian Balawyder
Preeceville Library                      Jesse Nelson
Community Legion Hall