Headwaters of the Assiniboine

Town of Preeceville

Following are the members of council, and the members of the various boards and committees, elected to four-year terms in 2020.


  • Ralph Ager


  • Florian Balawyder 
  • Sheldon Luciw
  • Kenton Hull
  • Meaghan Nelson
  • Taylor Sliva

Town of Preeceville Council Board and Committee Appointments:


Finance                                        Ralph Ager
Protective                                    Sheldon Luciw 
Public Works                                Ralp Ager
Streets                                         Sheldon Luciw, Florian Balawyder
Human Resources                        Ralph Ager
Buildings                                      Sheldon Luciw, Florian Balawyder
Nuisance                                      Ralph Ager
Policies & Bylaws                         Ralph Ager
Waste Management                    Sheldon Luciw, Florian Balawyder
Occupational Health & Safety      Sheldon Luciw, Florian Balawyder

Town Formed Boards:

Ability Bus                                   
Arena                                          Sheldon Luciw
Economic Dev/Tourism               Florian Balawyder, Ralph Ager
Sports Grounds                           Sheldon Luciw
Recreation                                  Florian Balawyder
Preeceville Library                      
Community Legion Hall               

town council