Headwaters of the Assiniboine

Town of Preeceville


Welcome to winter fun in Preeceville and area.

Whether you want a Sunday afternoon wiener roast with the family or a more challenging ride, our trails, mixed in with rolling hills, river valleys and ample snow, can provide for all.

A trek to the famous Ushta warm-up shelter or one of the neighboring towns with great hospitality and accommodations will prove to be a rewarding time for all. An especially exhilarating experience occurs when there is a fresh snowfall, you can push fresh tracks for miles on end in seclusion. The trees are laden with snow and  gives a sense of freedom, not to mention the possibility of seeing moose, elk, deer, rabbits, winter birds and many other wild friends that we share other trails with.

If you looking for a great sledding area, great towns and villages, great scenery and great people, Preeceville, Sturgis and Endeavour are the places to be. Hope to see you on the trails.

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