Mayor Garth Harris

Welcome to the Town of Preeceville. We are a community of just over 1000 people in a Province of just over 1 million. The same serene atmosphere and general warmth that makes newcomers want to stay and past residents want to return to Saskatchewan is more than true here in Preeceville. Our flag is 51 this year and with Canada turning 150 years old in 2017 we have started planning how to mark our nation’s birthday. Celebrating how proud we are as Canadians is very important to whom we are as a community. Preeceville will remain a small but progressive community with a strong volunteer base, generous friendly people and a strong business and service core. Our strength as a community is how we provide for our seniors and how we teach our youth. This, balanced with quality of life for the rest of our population, is what Preeceville and area is all about. We are proud to be a community in Saskatchewan.

Mayor Garth Harris
Town of Preeceville
Home of the Panthers

Ombudsman Saskatchewan now has jurisdiction over municipal entities
Welcome Dr. Morteza Shahrestani Seniors Supports Available 
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News Release - Preeceville Locum Coverage Sept 17th, 2015

Key points are:

- Additional physician coverage

- Our new Doctor is now in the SIPPA program

- info on other services in Preeceville

- Info on what to do in a emergency - call 911 or if uncertain call 811 for the 24 hour healthline who will direct you to the closest available emergency department or other medical advice.

News Release Preeceville Physician Update July 3rd. 2015

News Release:

Preeceville Physician Update found at: Sunrise Health Region - News and Publications

Key points are:

- Physician update

- A schedule of alternating weeks of emergency coverage until January of 2016

- Call 911 for emergency response first

- Call the Preeceville Primary Health Care Clinic @ 306-547-3098 (New name and numbers in the latest phonebook)

- Preeceville is one of the first communities to have new electronic medical record system

Temporary Service Interruptions Notices


Our flag is a “A symbol of Canadian identity"

Our flag is 50 this year and Canada is turning 150 years old in 2017

Town flower colors this year are red and white.

This year, what are you doing to celebrate?

Whatever you’re doing, include our flag.

The Preeceville Challenge is to video or take a photo with our flag

Share on social media then pass on the challenge.

Check out the Facebook page found on our town website

Take the Flag -

where you can also post your Preeceville & Area photo's throughout the year.

"Show your Canadian Pride"



Happy 50th Birthday from frosty Preeceville, Saskatchewan.

Our flag is a “A symbol of Canadian identity"

This Sunday February 15th, what are you doing to celebrate?

Whatever you’re doing, include our flag.

The Preeceville Challenge is to video or take a photo with our flag

Share on social media with the hashtag #flag50

then pass on the challenge.

I do have a limited supply of buttons to hand out. Include these

in your photo's if you like. Check out the facebook page

Take the Flag -

where you can also post your Preeceville & Area photo's throughout the year.

"Show your Canadian Pride"


I welcome your comments, questions and requests about town related services and programs. Feel free to phone for an appointment.

· Citizens on Patrol
· Budgeting
· Community Plan
· Lot Development
· Preeceville in Bloom
. Water Park
· Main Street Project



Healthy Preeceville

Mission Statement

Short: “Provide a Healthy Safe Community”

Long: “Identify and encourage Primary Health Care Model initiatives for the Town of Preeceville through facilitation and coordination of people, research and ideas”

"I am committed to having our citizens understand the Health Care System before they have to access it. Our strength as a community is how we provide for our seniors and how we teach our youth balanced with quality of life for the rest of our population. My commitment is to use all of our resources to the maximum in this ever changing world. I am looking for pilot projects around all the great things we have in this community. World class Hospital, Telehealth, Dr.’s RN’s and paramedical personal. Add that to the broader teams of health care professionals and I am confident we will meet any challenges before us, ensuring that quality of life we all want. I am not looking for the four Doctor minimum (24-7) model but one that every small town or remote northern area could have. Everything in place, just not manned until needed. I think we could attain this and become the benchmark for all rural and remote Saskatchewan” Mayor Harris


  • Broaden the economic base of Preeceville through a Community Economic Development model
  • Act as an umbrella organization for Health organizations in the Preeceville area
  • Increase the economic development resources available to all Health based organizations
  • Provide support services with complete accurate information to citizens in the area of Health
  • Support all National, Provincial and Regional Health services and programs on behalf of Preeceville and area
  • Working with other Health Centers in Region

 Priority Items

  • Our population is knowledgeable and supportive of Health care
  • Our population sets the Rural Saskatchewan benchmark for the Primary Health Care Model use of
  • Senior Housing Development both private and public
  • Use of the Town of Preeceville Website to promote awareness of model
  • Support fundraising for the Integrated Health Care Facility, programs and projects through a foundation model
  • Pilot Projects with early wins.  (Tracking E-health use of by age groups) (Non Doctor based Programs)
  • Recreational program and projects for all age groups
  • Creation of the local Health Guide that identifies needs of our population (one page)
  • Increase physical activity and survey citizens on targeted recreational that promote quality of life
  • Development of a Strategic Plan.  Review past present and other small and rural models.


The balance of “I live in a remote rural area” and Health Care Model that is at a National standard.

 draft, feb 2014, gh


2015 Preeceville Flower Colours - The EDC is encouraging members of the community to consider the colours red and white when planning your flower gardens this year as a tribute to World War I, the Canadian Flag turning 50 and Canada turning 150 in 2017. Use this tool to the right to find out what flower varieties are available in the specific colours. Flower planner

Share your moment with the flag!
"Celebrate the 51st anniversary of the National Flag of Canada by taking part in the Challenge."
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New Doctor:

Preeceville has our new doctor. He passed his 12 week clinical field assessment in Melfort under the (SIPPA) program. The Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment. Under this new program, doctors arrive to take care of patients with their studies and testing behind them. This moves us along in our work to further community engagement into evaluating all our needs and strengths to help identify and support the development of a sustainable health care solutions for the Town of Preeceville and area. I believe it is a very positive model and, with both doctors and the communities help, we can achieve a reliable and sustainable health care model.
The collaborative emergency center model that has been piloted in a few areas of the Province really do have some great ideas for potential opportunities and positive thinking around using all our strengths to improve health care delivery. Being one of the smallest communities the thought might be “they can’t do it”. When I look around all the great things we do have in this community, world class hospital, Telehealth, STARS, doctor’s, locums, nurse practitioners, nurses, other health care providers and paramedical personal, we can do it. Add that to the broader teams of health care professionals and I am confident we will meet any challenges before us, ensuring that “quality of life” we all want.


New ATV Bylaw:

Know before you go: Get a copy. Read it. Understand “The Trespass to Property Act”. Get written consent. Follow the speed limit (20k) No driving around. Now you can hire or remove snow within the law. “No person shall operate an All Terrain Vehicle on any Public Land within the corporate limits of the Municipality” “the use of All Terrain Vehicles is approved by council while in the operation of snow removal or landscaping on private or Town-owned property, directly from the place of residence of the owner, by the most direct route and return” “it shall be lawful for a person to operate an All Terrain Vehicle in any back lane or travelled portion of any highway within the Municipality, from their residence or place of business to the closest point of exit from the Municipality and from the closest point of entrance to the Municipality to their residence or place of business” Get a copy of the bylaw and read it.

Trespass Act -


Preeceville is located in east-central Saskatchewan, approximately 105 km north of Yorkton at the junction of Highways 9, 47, and 49. Saskatchewan Transportation buses connect Preeceville to Regina and Saskatoon. We are in the northern part of the Parkland region and on the southern edge of the timber zone. The land rolls gently, and is well suited for mixed agriculture.


50+ Housing Project:
We have found our investors. Watch for updates. We will now be looking for people to move in.
We are looking for 10 X $150,000.00 investors.  For more information on becoming a shareholder, contact Ken Rempel at 1-866-294-7586.

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DECEMBER 15, 2014:
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For more information contact:
Grant See at 306-547-2240.

"A symbol of Canadian identity"
"The official ceremony inaugurating the new Canadian flag was held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 15, 1965, with Governor General Georges Vanier, Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, the members of the Cabinet and thousands of Canadians in attendance"
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