Preeceville Arts

Preeceville Arts is a social group that meets once a week a the Preeceville Public Library Building at 27 Main Street to share ideas and enjoy each others works. The group paints, draws and has fun creating together. The Art Group has about 10 members and is always looking for new artists. Contact Vicki Peet at 306-547-3177 for more information. Watch for the Arts Group at upcoming trade shows.

6 by 6 inch tile by Judy Bjornstad. Alcohol ink art technique.

"An art group refers to an association of artists who may work (or live) communally, for the purpose of facilitating the creation of art, either that belonging to the individual, or the collective.

Art groups typically were formed by established artists, such as Andy Warhol, as hired assistants to the artist, operating collectively under the artist's studio. More recently, art groups have been formed by unknown artists, pooling their limited resources toward the collective goal.

Groups have formed as political action groups, to work on political advocacy projects, while other groups formed simply for reasons of working and living in an environment conducive to the peculiar interests of artists. In this context, some groups began to create collective works of art, music, writing, etc., under the name of their group"