Preeceville Nursery School

The Preeceville Nursery School is located in the Preeceville Rec. Center and run by a Parent Board. The 2016-2017 board members include:
President:                                              Calla Erickson
Vice President:                                       Leslea Hanson
Treasurer:                                             Shantelle Descalchuk
Secretary:                                             Dani Volpatti
Director:                                               Kristy Belous
Fundraising Coordinators:                       Calla Erickson, Leslea Hanson

Teacher is Mrs. Lori Newton.

Any questions can be directed to Lori at 547-8745

Classes for 3 year-olds are Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 am - 11:00 am.  Classes for 4 year-olds are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm. Nursery School runs from September to May.

To be eligible for classes, students MUST be 3 years old as of the start date and MUST be potty-trained (NO PULL-UPS).

The Nursery School curriculum incorporates play, imagination, fieldtrips and learning centers as preparation for Kindergarten.


Preeceville School
Established 1912

The Town of Preeceville has a Kindergarten to Grade 12 School with an enrolment of 290 students.  The building consists of fifteen classrooms, gymnasium, library, science laboratory, computer rooms, home economic lab, music room, art room, band room and access to industrial arts. The school offers many extra curricular activities and after school sports such as soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball, curling, track, football, drama, yearbook and travel club. In addition to the regular academic subjects, the high school offers electives such as driver education, band, and home economics. The school day begins at 8:50am with the morning bell and ends at 3:10 pm with the dismissal bell. Lunch is now from 12:15 pm – 12:45 pm. The elementary students still get two 15 minute recesses in a day, while the high school students get none.

If you walk the halls and classrooms of Preeceville School you will be in awe of the technology in use. There is wireless internet throughout the school. Near the main entrance of the School there are two video screens that show the day’s activities, the week’s activities, some pictures of past events in the school. Each classroom is now equipped with a laptop and a SMART board. The Preeceville School has embraced other technologies as well, such as document cameras and voice recognition software.

The doors are always open, come on in and see how we are "Serving Students First".

Check out the Preeceville School Website at:

Follow us on Twitter at:     @pvilleschool


Preeceville Community Gym Fund Project

1,005.60            X-mas Bake Sale 2009 (start- up funds)

337. 55              Burger Sale - 2012 Old Home Week

374.00               Burger Sale - Grand Opening 2012 Archery Products

335.00               Student Council Donations 2012

118.30               Bottle return Donation 2012

800.00               X-mas Store Sales

98.51                 Bottle return Donation

$3,068.96          Total Funds

 as of Jan 7th, 2016,gh

Parkland Regional College

Parkland Regional College offers a variety of adult education classes, depending on the interest of the citizens, during the fall and winter months. Contact the Canora Office at 306-563-6808 or call no charge 1-866-783-6766, Yorkton Office at 306-783-3072 or call no charge 1-866-783-6061

You can view the Parkland Regional College Website at:

Check out the SCN website for even more opportunity:

Business Resource Centre

The Business Resource Centre is located in the Town Office at 239 Highway Ave E.  The centre provides information to the public regarding business development.  Also available to the public is the use of a photo copy and fax machines for a minimal charge.